As the winner of multiple “Prism” awards for product design and “The South’s Best Remodel” from Home builder and Remodeler Magazine, as well as grateful appreciation from our many clients, The Burton Company Inc. has earned the excellent reputation for creativity, customer service and professionalism that it now enjoys. 

Read what our past clients have said.

“It is our pleasure to let you know how pleased we are with the level of your construction.  Having lived on IOP, Sullivans Island and Dunes West, we had experienced homes built by several of the most highly reputed builders and architects in the Low Country.  All I can say is, next time and every time in the future we need a home project be it a remodel, an addition or another home, yours is the only contact number we are keeping.”
Your fans, Rhonni & Harvey Malino

“We were very impressed with Jack’s courtesy, professionalism and customer service – and would recommend Jack without any reservations.  We enjoyed the entire process of building our home from start to finish – and give Jack the credit for making it such a great experience.” – Jan Pomerantz and Everett Wilcox
“The Burton Company was recommended to us by Neal Van Dalen (Architect). We are delighted with our experience. The Burton Company was pleasant to work with, on time and on budget while providing a top notch product.”
– David and Linda Hartman

“The Burton Company built our home in 2008.  My wife and I are the home’s 2nd owners having bought it in May, 2011.  We have had a need to contact Jack regarding additional work wanted along with a couple of things that needed to be repaired.  Jack has ALWAYS responded quickly to our needs.  He and his team of professionals are tops in our book, and we would not hesitate to have them construct another home for us should we decide to move!” – Tom & Julie McLaughlin

“The Burton Company built our beach house which my friends still “awe” over regarding the quality and design.
My Winston-Salem, NC builder, Stan Senft of McNair Construction Company which is the #1 in fine homebuilding in the Triad visited me recently and commented on the quality and workmanship you put into the house.
Also, you have been very responsive to any minor repairs…though very few…to be done.
Thank you very much.  I recommended your company to anyone who is considering a new home or upfit on their present one.” – Rebecca Kovalitch

“We recently faced a serious structural problem with our beachside oceanfront property, and after discussing the problem with various contractors, selected the Burton Company to carry out the necessary work. We could not have made a better decision, as the Burton Company did an excellent job for us, on time and on budget. The quality of the work was outstanding, and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend this company.” – Alain Raoult

“In addition to Jack being very conscientious with attention to detail, one thing that in our experience that separates him from other contractors we have used is he is invariably on the job site in person at least for a portion of every workday. The ability to cut out the middle man, get direct answers, and avoid communication problems is invaluable.” – Bill & Amy Sage
“As a result of our experience, we believe The Burton Company builds homes based on integrity, high quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer service.  We are confident and enthusiastic in suggesting to anyone interested in building a beautiful home to consider The Burton Company –we are thrilled we did!”
– Michael and Mary Albano

After we build our house together with you, it was obvious to my wife Mila and me, that you apply same standards to every project, and so you must have heard many compliments from all of your previous clients. So even if we join the ranks of happy customers, you must have heard it before. But we have claim to some exception in our compliments.
In our case, other then highly professional efficiency, dedication, problem solving and so on, you had to show patience with my English . But of course, you came through with flying colors, which is the only way you do things.
Our regards to Cathy, and many thanks for being such a trooper with me!!” – George Vyborny

“Jack and the Burton Company built my wife and me a wonderful home. Our house was completed on time and on budget and the quality of the work was outstanding in every way. My wife and I especially appreciated Jack’s attention to detail, his gracious responses to our change orders, and most especially the diplomatic ways in which he made suggestions which always improved the home we had planned. I have already recommended the Burton Company to others and will continue to do so with no reservations whatsoever.” – Hugh Wilder